“Srpska kuća” seeks to preserve the spirit and tradition of the Serbian people from oblivion and to take us back to our roots.
For the greatest treasure is one that's transfered from generation to generation.


Ethno tavern “Srpska Kuća”

Only in Ethno-tavern “Srpska kuća” you can find a good old specialties from Serbian kitchen.

We can offer you kavurmu i švarglu, čvarke, ajvar, smoked beef, smoked ham, jelly....
And as the big specialty we suggest you start with “Meze Srpska kuća”

There are also all kinds of soups, belmuž, palenta with bacon, spinach pie, homemade chees pie,
“Steak Srpska kuća” all grilled specialties, Timok dream, beans and sausage.

All kind of roasted meat under bell lamb, veal and pork.
Of the other dishes we suggest fish dishes, garden salad, pickle, fresh and pickled cabbage, peppers....
And for dessert of good old domestic vanilice, koh, salčiće, orasnice, baklava, tufahije, fruit cup, tikvenjak, pancakes, baked pumpkin....

Every day in the Ethno-tavern “Srpska kuća” Happy hour where from 9h to 11h and from 11h to 13h we can offer an amazing menu at affordable prices.
Get together and experience the first and only real ethno-tavern in the area of Timočka krajna.
We warmly welcome you to visit us and see our exceptional offer.


Ambience of “Hotela Srbija TIS” terrace is a great place for rest during summer heats, during the day and in the evening, as conffirmed by great number of visitors.

Pleasant ambience is perfect for family or business lunch, socializing with family and friends, or partys with live music in the evening.

A wide range of drinks, excellent cuisine and professional staff - is secret of our success and guarantee that you will spend great moments. We strive to prepare a new surprise every day for our guests - a rich menu at great prices, with national and international cuisine!

Do not hesitate - come and see our quality services!
For all informations and reservations call: 019 422 540